Bob and Barbara Nelson Memorial

Barbara Nelson   
On Saturday, January 20th 2018 our store owner, Barbara Nelson, passed away.  Since the early 1970’s when she and her husband Bob bought the store from Al Reiter, Barbara worked hard to make the store the best it could be.  She cared very much about our customers and staff and we will miss her greatly.
Robert Nelson   
On October 17th 2014, we lost our owner and dear friend, Bob Nelson. Bob started working at Reiter’s in 1957 and later with his wife Barbara, bought the store from Al Reiter in 1974. The Nelson family have been a part of the store ever since, and a great deal of the heart of the store starts with Bob.

All of us who have worked at Reiter’s over the years have special memories and stories to share.    One of my special memories with  Bob is when he convinced me to  sit outside on the access road island in front of our K street location, and talk about the future of the store.  I felt a little strange at first since all the cars were driving by and we were sitting alone having coffee, but I soon began to stop worrying about what other people might think, and clear my head  and be open to new ideas.  

He taught me that no matter how busy you think you are  at  the moment, it is best to take a little  time to clear your head and get a better idea of the big picture. He is one of the reasons why I love independent bookstores.  

-Daphne Gaskins

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