Africa Memory Game (Afriqu'enjeux)

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The Africa Memory Game is an educational tool that provides adults, children, and students with a fun and easy way to increase their knowledge of the history, geography, and culture of the countries of Africa.

How To Play:

  • Each player selects a pawn token. All players start with 25 Hegas (money).
  • Every player begins on the board in South Africa where it says “Departure.”
  • On each turn, the player rolls the dice and advances that number of spaces on the board. Once the player has landed on a space, the player next to them draws the top card from the deck and reads the trivia question. If the player cannot answer or answers incorrectly, they are fined 1 Hega. Play continues clockwise to the next player.
  • Some spaces will trigger an automatic action, like move back 3 spaces or go into exile. If exiled, the player moves to Madagascar. To return from exile, the player must answer three questions in a row or pay 10 hegas.

Detailed instructions are included within each game box. Although the game only contains four pawn tokens, the game can be played by an unlimited number of people at a time.




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