Meet the Staff

BarbaraBarbara (Store Owner)


On Saturday, January 20th 2018 our store owner, Barbara Nelson, passed away.  Since the early 1970’s when she and her husband Bob bought the store from Al Reiter, Barbara worked hard to make the store the best it could be.  She cared very much about our customers and staff and we will miss her greatly.






DaphneDaphne (Store Manager/Bookselling Expert)


What I'm reading now: "Why Smile?: The Science Behind Facial Expressions" by Marianne LeFrance (WW Norton)

People are always asking me "What are you smiling about".  I'm not even aware I'm doing it.  Better than frowning all day.




Other books on my shelf:






Josue (Bookseller/Shipping & Receiving Extraordinaire)   

What I just finished reading: "Dawing on the Right Side of the Brainby Betty Edwards (Penguin Books

"Now expanded and updated it taught me that making verbal judgements about your models appearance can influence your perceptions and therfore your drawings"






KadeenKadeen (Bookseller/Web Guy)












Angela (Weekend Bookselling Warrior)

What I just finished reading: "Game Change" by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin tells us what really went on behind the closed doors of the 2008 presidential campaign.  It was immensely readable, in a breezy, not-too-gossipy way - I was destined to finish it.  

What is on my night stand now: "Unnatural Selection" by  Mara Hvistendahl - when men outnumber women, bad things can happen. See 30 Years' War. 
What I should be reading (and will when I clear the night stand): "The Last Great Senate" by Ira Shapiro. There was a time when at least one of our legislative chambers worked - and well.