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Meffert's PYRAMINX Puzzle

SKU: 6000200293T

Uwe Meffert is one of the leading Rotating Puzzle Inventors

The 42 year old Pyraminx puzzle has been there since the beginning. And still it captures the original fascination.  IQFocus  Logic Strategy, Fine Motor Skills

How to Play

  1. Start with the colors scrambled on all sides.
  2. Twist any 2 halves or rotate the tips to change the colors.
  3. Solve by creating 4 solid sides of color.
Price: $19.99

MyPuzzle Washington D.C. - 1000 pc jigsaw puzzle

SKU: 6000200250T

From GeoToys: Live like a local, and wander D.C.’s multicultural neighborhoods like Adams Morgan and shop for fresh fish down at the Waterfront.  MYPUZZLE Washington, DC is a current map of the city with a modern design that invites exploration with inch-perfect precision and without GPS.  Includes a poster that is also a working city map.  Puzzle size is 26.8 × 18.9 inches 1000 pieces.

Price: $24.99

Escher's Mirrorkal Brainteaser Puzzle

SKU: 6000198159T

Age: 7 years and up

Arrange the nine cubes in the tray to create an Escher image. Patience is an art. Your strategic skills are reflected in this complex puzzle. Use the slanted mirror inside each cube to reflect the image on the side of an adjacent cube. Once you place all nine cubes in the right pattern, a complete Escher image will appear. Take the challenge and master all five puzzles.

Price: $19.99

Travel Chess Set

SKU: 6000173911T

Standard Chess Set Combination - Single Weighted Regulation Pieces | Vinyl Chess Board | Standard Bag

Forest Green Bag / Board

  • Complete set of 34 pieces - Includes two additional queens for pawn promotion!
  • Manufactured out of plastic and is virtually indestructible
Price: $21.95
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