Narcissistic Women: 10 Strategies to Deal With Toxic Wives, Mothers, Girlfriends, and Co-Workers (Paperback)

Narcissistic Women: 10 Strategies to Deal With Toxic Wives, Mothers, Girlfriends, and Co-Workers Cover Image
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The narcissistic wife. Mother. Girlfriend. Co-worker. Co-parent.

She abuses you, cheats and lies. She manipulates. She takes away your joy and your belief in yourself. She cuts you off from your friends. She breaks you down gradually with gaslighting, demeaning words and shame.

You might think you are going crazy, but you are not. You are being played

The narcissistic partner will make you believe you are amazing and then slowly tear you down.
To a narcissistic woman, no matter what you do, it will never be good enough.
She makes you believe that you are wrong; that you are a bad person - maybe even that YOU are narcissistic. She destroys your self-worth, self-love and your self-confidence. Expose the narcissists. They steal your life. Take it back
This book provides insight and knowledge about the narcissistic wife, mother and other narcissistic women. It enables you to see through their playing games and methods, and it gives you exercises and tools when you are dealing with a narcissistic abuser.

It covers topics such as

  • Narcissistic abuse.
  • Dealing with a narcissistic abuser.
  • Understanding narcissism.
  • Co-parenting with a narcissist.
  • Being a child of a narcissist.
  • Trauma Bonding
  • A walk through of their methods, ie Gaslighting, Triangulation, Ghosting.
  • Narcissistic relationships (Mother, Spouse, Relatives, co-workers).
  • Getting away from a narcissist.

The book also gives you insight in the consequences of being close to a narcissistic abuser, so you can deal with and heal from them. When you are aware of the consequences, it is easier to deal with them - and to find your way back to the person you want to be.

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ISBN: 9798675176694
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 14th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English