Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing (Paperback)

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A clear technical approach to looking into the past or future

Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing by New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson deals technically with a clairvoyance technique using the crystal ball, once a popular instrument of Gypsy fortune tellers. Atkinson explains the technique within the framework of psychomancy, in which the crystal ball (just like the black mirror) functions as the "TV screen" of an astral tube. An astral tube is in essence a thought form or servitor that serves as an intermediary between the earthly and the astral world.

Within the framework of the psychomancy-training the book offers several lessons and, in addition to crystal gazing, also focuses on astral projection, space psychomancy, past time psychomancy, future psychomancy, the aura and a lesson in self development.

William Walker Atkinson started to embrace New Thought after he suffered a mental, physical and financial breakdown as a lawyer. He successfully healed and rebooted himself by means of some mental, psychological and esoteric insights the movement had offered him and became one of its most productive and inspiring witers.

Post Scriptum with biography of the author included.

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ISBN: 9789492355454
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Publisher: Vamzzz Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Pages: 110
Language: English