Principles of Persuasion (Paperback)

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Do you have a hard time persuading people of things you know might benefit them?

If you replied yes, developing your capacity to convince people successfully can help get you there. But don't worry, persuasion is not simply something people are just born with.

It's a skill, and to perfect it, you need only two things, a conscious purpose on why it's essential to you and the dedication to progress.

Let's face it. Persuasion is at the root of our civilization. Everything we as aware creatures participate in on a day-to-day basis demands it. Teaching your children the value of eating their fruits and veggies involves persuasion. Finding a companion to live your life and creating a good relationship needs persuasion. Selling your goods and services to your prospects requires persuasion. Getting your staff to generate extraordinary outcomes and reflect high-quality job satisfaction involves persuasion.

Not understanding how to convince or even evaluate where you are with the art of persuasion may have a detrimental long-term influence on your relationships and areas of your life.

In this book, Industrial Psychologist and Business Coach Honey Tingey will educate you:

  • Why persuasion is the most critical talent you need to learn to attain any degree of success
  • How to enhance your capacity to convince successfully, irrespective of your skill or experience
  • Ways in which you may diversify your income by utilizing persuasion to help you develop several streams of income for you and your family to enjoy

And Much More ...

Let Conscious Persuasion be the tool you need to help you enhance the quality of both your personal and professional life.

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ISBN: 9783986533977
ISBN-10: 3986533974
Publisher: Honey Tingey
Publication Date: March 31st, 2022
Pages: 106
Language: English