All These Evil Things: : A Canadian Story of Gun Control & Government Abuse (Paperback)

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*Re-Sub-titled*, updated version of previous book entitled: "All These Evil Things" by Yogi Shan. It's about guns/firearms and gun control, and government abuse. It's about Canada and the U.S., and their differences. It's funny. It's sad. It's depressing. It's about my re-introduction to my Christian belief system. But most of all, it's informative and an easy read with *89* chapters averaging 5 pages long, each on a separate topic. An example of my humor: "I was so depressed after my bail hearing, even my dog was on anti-depressants. But I had him taken to a vet, and the vet said he just didn't like me..." Everything you ever wanted to know about the details of firearms, the judicial process (from arrest, to release) set in a very humorous tone. Do a goggle search on either "Yogi Shan" or "All These Evil Things" + "Yogi Shan" to read some of the stellar reviews of my book, if you want more info. I am a Canadian computer engineer and gun collector. This is a story of my court experiences, gun control, my unusual and humorous belief system, my criticisms of the govt., and the history and technology of small arms. And even what I learned about Jesus Christ -- the revolutionary In 2007 I was illegally arrested for (deactivated ) machine gun possession. I was mistreated illegally by the cops, the lawyers, the court system, before I was finally completely exonerated, and released from jail after 7 months. It is a 566 page _tour-de-force_ of my experiences, ideology, and technical expertise. Here are some of the chapters: Confessions of a Fatalist The Cult of the Lie "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" Huh? Eh? Duh? Er -- What? A Po-Mo Paradigm My Pirate Heart "It's a Kinda Magic " Le Chatelier's Warning The Ghost in the Machine No Warning: Catastrophic Disassembly Pol Pot & Me Howl of a Lone(ly) Wolf "Je Me Souviens" -- I Remember A Knight of the Long Knives An Enemy of the State I, Ronin You Bet Your Life -- Tales of a Gambling Man "Death's Twilight Kingdom" "The Beauty of Our Weapons" The Beauty of Their Weapons The Zen of Napalm Confessions of a Weapons Expert.
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ISBN: 9781979653046
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Publication Date: November 10th, 2017
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