Future Proof Leadership: Transform Your Behavior, Thoughts and Communication with NLP, Rational Thinking Models, and Emotional Intelligence for (Paperback)

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Do you want to discover how to be a stable and strong leader in unpredictable times?

Do you wonder how to guide people in the right direction by recognizing their emotions?

Or do you want to learn how to manage people more effectively and how to make better decisions, so you can cut your workweek from 60 to 40 hours?

Then keep reading...

A recent study in Career Builder shows that 71% of the hiring managers said: An employee's Emotional Intelligence (or EQ), is more important than their IQ . 75% of them even said they were more likely to promote a high-EQ employee than a high IQ employee.

Furthermore, successful people like Tony Robbins (net worth: $500 million), Oprah Winfrey (net worth: 2,7 million) have admitted applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Systemized Thought Models to reach their success.

In Future Proof Leadership you ll discover:

  • This NLP-in-control-exercise technique to thrive in a chaotic environment (page 191)
  • The NLP techniques used by Steve Jobs in his presentations, to get your audience hooked on every word (page 239)
  • The-Instant-Motivator , works like rocket-fuel for your team (page 187)
  • How to Use the 4 D's for optimal time management, so you get the important things done while spending less time and money (page 220)
  • How to deal with the biggest enemy for the productivity of your team (page 121)
  • How to leverage positive emotions in people, to increase their productivity and happiness (page 43 and 58)
  • How to avoid complaining and mockery within your workforce (page 126)
  • 7 ways to stop Rumination , repeated thinking about the same problem over and over again. This will save you a lot of time and energy for important decisions (page 340)
  • 12 Mental Models used by Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon, net worth $111 Billion) and other successful leaders in running their businesses (page 252)
  • Learn which thinking model Ray Dalio (Billionaire investor, net worth 18,7 Billion) started applying from a young age onwards. Apply this to make decisions based on better arguments (page 326)

Maybe you re doubting if reading a book can help in your busy life as a modern-day leader. That's why the unique 30-day Emotional Intelligence Booster Program is included. It's specially developed to raise your EQ as a leader.

Even if you re a high-school drop-out, the good news about this program and the thinking models is that they work so well, because of the simplicity and ease of use. So, you don t need the IQ of Einstein to practically use them.

Don t wait until the recession hits, scroll up and click Add to cart to become the well-respected and future proof leader you deserve to be.

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ISBN: 9781951999032
ISBN-10: 1951999037
Publisher: Sophie Dalziel
Publication Date: December 5th, 2019
Pages: 444
Language: English
Series: Leadership