Thought Models for Leadership: Use the mental techniques of the world´s greatest and richest to make better decisions, improve your career trajectory (Paperback)

Thought Models for Leadership: Use the mental techniques of the world´s greatest and richest to make better decisions, improve your career trajectory Cover Image
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Are you ambitious and you want to improve career trajectory?

You wonder how some managers and leaders can make decisions in a split-second?

Or you want to improve your productivity and efficiency to get more done in less time?

Then keep reading ...

Scientists have been trying to discover essential differences between the average Joe on one side and a Billionaires or Great Leaders on the other side. However, in the last 50 years, a lot of practical research has been performed, which lead to new discoveries. From brain activity scans while people are making decisions (see page 24) to research in selective perception at the Universities of Princeton and Dartmouth (see page 63). By applying these new insights to your own life, you will immediately notice improvements on how you solve problems, make better decisions and be more productive.

In Thought Models for Leadership you ll discover:

- 12 Mental Models used by Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon with a net worth of $111 Billion) and other successful leaders in running their businesses (page 143)

- Negotiation Principles, essential to become successful as a leader (page 176)

- 7 ways to stop Rumination , repeated thinking about the same problem over and over again. This will save you a lot of energy and time for important decisions (page 127)

- Replicate this foundational thought model used by both Charlie Munger (billionaire business partner of Warren Buffet) and Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX), to create new and original opportunities for your company and yourself in existing situations (page89 )

- 10 essential components to boost your leadership career (page 79)

- What you can learn from this Harvard University test with a gorilla. Miss this and your leadership capability will never grow to its full potential (page 63)

- Discover 7 angles to apply this thinking model, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans and later by Albert Einstein. This model contributed to humanity's greatest advances in both psychics as philosophy and can be used by you to improve your decisions as a leader (page 92)

- Learn which thinking model Ray Dalio, now a billionaire investor, started applying from a young age onwards. Apply this to make decisions based on better arguments (page 101)

- 16 Thought Models to make better and more effective decisions as a leader (page 137)

And much, much more.

Maybe you re wondering if these leaders and billionaires were born with special gifts. Scientists discovered that behavior, communication and thinking patterns are learned and improved during the life of these leaders and millionaires.

Even if you re a high-school drop-out, the good news about these models is that they work so well because of the simplicity and ease of use. So, you don t need the IQ of Einstein to practically use them.

So, if you re ready to improve your leadership skills, scroll up and click: Add to cart .

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