Guideposts to Meaning: Discovering What Really Matters (Paperback)

Guideposts to Meaning: Discovering What Really Matters By Joseph B. Fabry Cover Image
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Human beings not only have a will to pleasure (Sigmund Freud) and a will to power (Alfred Adler), but also a will to meaning (Viktor Frankl). The person therefore is not merely a collection of drives, but also has a uniquely human component-a human spirit. This no tic dimension is responsible for the ability of each individual to face the inevitable blows of fate that life gives us with courage, creativity, and insight. It is not us who question Life, Frankl noted, it is Life that questions us, and to which we must answer.

But how do we do that?

Guideposts to Meaning offers step-by-step processes for discovering what really matters in your life--the personal meanings, beliefs, and values that can truly make your life worth living.

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ISBN: 9781948523059
ISBN-10: 1948523051
Publisher: Purpose Research
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English