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What does a real life Mafia enforcer actually do on a day-to-day basis? Born in the Life illustrates the profound treachery which Gene Borrello lived with in the Bonanno crime family and the penalties that he was forced to live with. .

Gene Borrello's story is not something that everyone
has already heard or read about or have seen on various documentaries and dramatic cable shows on the history of the Mafia. Borrello's story is current day, not something from the days of Bugsy Siegel, Albert Anastasia and Mayer Lansky or a Mario Puzzo compilation of the old days.
The Borrello saga is about a thirty-six-year old mob enforcer, who was born into the life with the true nitty gritty, unglamorous street life that led to his being locked up for a third of his life, until he finally said... enough.

About the Author

Born in The Bronx, NY in 1950, Romano hit the literary
scene in 2010 at the age of 60. Having written raw, urban poetry since he was 18, he compiled his works into two books, and a new career was on its way. Drawing from the great response he received from those books, Anxiety's Nest and Anxiety's Cure, he followed up his newfound passion for writing with his stunning, gruesome, mob novel, Fish Farm. Following Fish Farm was the 5-time award-winning for best screenplay, and yet another mobster book, BESA. The recurring characters in this series solidified Romano's dedicated readership. GAME OF PAWNS was released in 2016 and was considered for a Pulitzer Prize. The most recent novel in this series is EXCLUSION: THE FIGHT FOR CHINATOWN, released in 2018.
In 2012, he developed a second series, with new recurring characters Detective Vic Gonnella and Raquel Ruiz and has been knocking down doors with his smash hit, INTERCESSION, since transferring his works to Vecchia Publishing. INTERCESSION was awarded an honor as a 2014 Foreword Review Mystery/Thriller finalist.Thesecondbook intheseries,YOUTHINKI'MDEADfollowed,andisbasedonatrue,unsolved
murder. NBC-10 Philadelphia interviewed Mr. Romano about his findings while he was researching this PAWNS, the third book in this series released in March, 2016.
book, and with their own forensic team concluded those facts should be further investigated by the Philadelphia Police. JUSTIFIED is the sequel to INTERCESSION and was released March, 2017. THE BUTCHER OF PUNTA CANA was conceived on a golf trip Mr. Romano took in early spring of 2019 and oddly paralleled an onslaught of real-life deaths there. Out of respect for the deceased and their families, the release of the book was postponed and will be releasing in July, 2019.
To national acclaim, Mr. Romano's first book in his Teen/YA/Family series ZIP CODE released in March, 2017. ZIP CODE is marketed toward middle to high school students' curricula utilizing the discussion
His latest books, The Pipeline and John Alite Mafia International, illustrate Romano's crossover author qualities. Shanda will also be released in 2021 as the fifth of the Vic Gonnella series.
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