Mind Over Music: Break Through the Blocks to Get Into the Studio and On Stage Today! (Paperback)

Mind Over Music: Break Through the Blocks to Get Into the Studio and On Stage Today! By Jaime Vendera, Joe Vitale Cover Image
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Do you dream of becoming a recording and performing musician -- BUT hard as you try, roadblocks seem to freeze your path? In Mind Over Music, you'll learn how to easily break through those blocks to eliminate the mental barriers preventing you from achieving studio & stage success. The Mind Over Music method is a simple, methodical system based on the methods of bestselling author Dr. Joe Vitale and famous vocal coach Jaime Vendera designed to help the musician within you finish that song and make it to the stage by eliminating procrastination, reigniting your musical fire, and developing that delicious "in the zone" flow-state-like focus to turbo-charge your drive to musical success By following 7 simple steps, you'll unlock your creative potential by pinpointing your creative sparks, eliminating mental triggers that cause boredom and fear reactions, learning to use whisper words to overcome those triggers, setting up a creative space, and applying a unique daily 'calendar-tracking' method to energize and inspire you to write, record, and perform


Vocal coach Jaime Vendera is the author of Raise Your Voice and Unleash Your Creative Mindset. He has worked with countless artists, including James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Dustin Bates (Starset), and Pritam (Bollywood's biggest music composer). He is the first singer to shatter glass by voice alone on film as seen on Mythbusters. His main website is www.JaimeVendera.com.

Dr. Joe Vitale - known to his millions of fans as "Mr. Fire " - is the globally famous bestselling author of numerous books, from "Zero Limits" to "The Miracle." He's a star in the hit movie The Secret. He's also a musician, magician, actor, speaker, coach, and now a strongman. His main site is www.MrFire.com.

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ISBN: 9781936307500
ISBN-10: 1936307502
Publisher: Vendera Publishing
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 116
Language: English