Manipulation and Body Language: The 9 Secrets to Read People. How to Recognize Covert Emotional Manipulation, Spot NLP, Detect Deception, and Defend Y (Hardcover)

Manipulation and Body Language: The 9 Secrets to Read People. How to Recognize Covert Emotional Manipulation, Spot NLP, Detect Deception, and Defend Y Cover Image
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Have you ever thought what that sluggish slouch, a nervous twitch, or raised eyebrow means? Is it crucial and deep or a useless quirk? Do you want to start speed reading people, detect deception, and defend yourself from toxic people?

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Body language is being researched for many years, and shocking facts have come out. It has been perceived as one of the most dependable sources of information about human nature, culture, and behavior, among others.

Associated with the techniques of mental manipulation and dark psychology, body language becomes one of the most persuasive ways to introduce a person into a state in which he cannot or does not want to resist our influences. He is so disoriented that he does not follow the nuances, and he sees in us the only way to his salvation-whatever it may be.

Body Language is becoming more and more used by those who want to control your actions, to get what they want. So, it is quite clear that the knowledge of mental manipulation techniques is necessary for daily survival.

Fortunately, there are methods to detect manipulators and beat them at their game

In this book Manipulation and Body Language, you will be able to better know not only the obscure techniques of mental manipulation, but also how to interpret subtle gestures and signs to analyze others, and know exactly how to act in any kind of social or work situation.

Moreover, you will learn different methods and strategies to send non-verbal messages to affect individuals. Perhaps you are currently seeking for the ideal way to set your foot into successful manipulation. Then, this book will not merely teach you how to read the body language of other people, but it will also make sure that you send the proper signals you wish to send to others.

Here's a quick peek of what you will learn thanks to this guide:

  • How People with Dark Personalities Traits Behave to Control Your Life
  • How to Recognize when Someone Is Manipulating You
  • Factors that Make You Vulnerable to Manipulation
  • How to Interpret Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • The 9 Simple Strategies to Read Body Language Quickly
  • How to Master Your Non-Verbal Communication
  • How to Increase Your Capacity For Persuasion
  • How to Defend Yourself from Every Type of Manipulator
  • How NLP Works and How to Use this Technique to Your Advantage
  • Raising your Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness
  • How to Become Autonomous through Easy Steps to Take Control of Your Life

...And so much more

Consider this book as your comprehensive guide, which describes manipulation in a broader light. It will offer you the expertise which is required to stay alive in the world.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Get this book now to Boost your Power of Communication, Overcome Fear and Keep Your Life Under Your Control. And No One Else's.

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