The Miracles Of Friendship (Paperback)

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On their way to ultimate unification in the heavens of the Olympian Gods, the lovers Loriolan and Indirali, a merman prince and a Magna Graecian princess, along with their close friends, encounter impossible seeming odds that challenge them to the core of their beliefs and love for one another. One existential crisis after another leads them to realize the power of friendship, of companionship that supports selflessly in situations of crisis and need. Thrown into the unknown to fend for themselves and find the way to Mount Olympos, the seat of the Gods, Indirali and her maid, Hedna, experience the challenges of travelling as women at a time of Roman control and oppression, societal poverty and hardship, spiritual corruption, and crime along the way. Forced to draw on powers from deep within, Indirali manages to turn hostile situations into opportunities for spiritual growth and victory over evil. At last she is able to meet one of the times' greatest spiritual leaders and gain her help in directing her next steps on her grand journey towards meeting the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, on Mount Olympos. Meanwhile, Torilander, Loriolan's best friend and travel companion, experiences his version of hell amongst the arrogance of the human kingdom of Carthage. Held captive, the merman undergoes a series of encounters that bring him to the brink of either death or salvation, depending on what thought power he can manage to draw from: optimistic or pessimistic, positive or negative. And to his astonishment, the humans around him begin to react to his inner focus, and either new friendships can be fostered or enemies created. Whether describing the heights of human emotions and experiences of friendship and love or leading the reader through hellish experiences created by human arrogance and feelings of superiority that oppress and subdue life in all its shapes and forms, Maha Devi Li Ra La demonstrates an uncanny grasp of human psychology that can be felt throughout her story, and which continually sheds light on the principles of truth as expressed in the law of karma that attracts according to the nature of human thought and action, as it also sheds light on dharma, the application of righteous action that alone creates a life of fulfillment and bliss.

About the Author

Throughout her years of spiritual research, Maha Devi Li Ra La found that stories and analogies conveyed deep spiritual truth in all its simple and complex facets better than any factual explanations could often attain. Addressing the intuitive mind and heart directly and powerfully with experiences and realizations the reader can identify with, stories are capable of triggering and accomplishing deep transformational processes. The legends of old that tell of glorious and outstanding Emanations of the Divine and their exemplary lives on our planet, are timeless jewels in our historical literature and are revered amongst those who want nothing short of the highest truth. In her several volume comprising Grand Saga, Maha Devi Li Ra La aspires to express this ultimate truth with her portrayals of heroes and heroines who won't be swayed from their paths of righteousness until the highest goals of enlightenment and unity consciousness are accomplished.
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ISBN: 9781910518106
ISBN-10: 1910518107
Publisher: Ananda Bliss Consciousness Inc.
Publication Date: July 7th, 2015
Pages: 248
Language: English