Jennifer Batten's Ultra-Intervallic Guitar Licks: 50 Intervallic Licks to Transform Your Rock Guitar Soloing Technique (Paperback)

Jennifer Batten's Ultra-Intervallic Guitar Licks: 50 Intervallic Licks to Transform Your Rock Guitar Soloing Technique Cover Image
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Go Beyond Guitar Scale Licks with Jennifer Batten

Do you find yourself running up and down the same predictable scale patterns?

Are you ready to play more modern exciting guitar licks?

In Ultra-Intervallic Guitar Licks, guitar legend Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) takes you on a creative journey and teaches you her incredible techniques for introducing interval leaps into your rock guitar playing.

You'll quickly move away from the mundane patterns you're playing now and quickly elevate your playing to new levels. You'll even make the tired old minor pentatonic scale sound fresh and exciting.

What You'll Learn

Jennifer Batten's Ultra-Intervallic Guitar Licks walks you through the most important scales and sounds used in contemporary rock guitar. You'll learn each of the 50 original licks in a musical context, so you'll immediately get expressive lines to play in any musical situation.

Jennifer covers interval-based soloing with...

- The Mixolydian mode

- Aeolian and Dorian modes for two different minor flavors

- The Ionian mode for major keys

- The Diminished scale and some cool tricks to get the most out of it

- The Whole Tone scale for more outside guitar playing

- The Minor Pentatonic scale... but not as you know it

- Special licks designed to fit blues-rock turnarounds

You'll begin by drilling each scale via a selection of intervallic exercises designed to program your ears with its unique structure. Even these exercises are totally musical so there is no boring groundwork to cover You'll even master Jennifer's preferred scale positions...

Next it's time to dive into a series of beautifully conceived licks that teach you how to perfectly apply ear-grabbing intervallic jumps to any lick, in any musical situation.

Ground-breaking soloing approaches to freshen up your guitar playing

Jennifer Batten's Ultra-Intervallic Guitar Licks demonstrates the ideas pioneered by musicologist Nicolas Slonimsky and adopted by guitar innovators such as Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth. Many guitar players understand the concept of playing more intervallically, but struggle with its execution.

This is your chance to have a one-to-one lesson with a guitarist who has mastered how to play intervallic skips to build lines that sound exiting, natural and jaw-dropping.

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ISBN: 9781789332452
ISBN-10: 1789332451
Publication Date: July 20th, 2021
Pages: 82
Language: English