The Era of Perestroika (Paperback)

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The predominant historiography in Western capitalist societies always hails those who set to work to sabotage, undermine or dismantle "totalitarian" socialism. In line with this narrative of the ruling financial elites (political correctness), supported by most Western authors and historians, the so-called reformer Gorbachev has to be seen and judged as a "democrat", a genuine progressive, who had good intentions and did a lot of good for his country and his people, who introduced "democracy" and a "state of law" in Russia in the era of perestroika, even though here and there he may have committed one or two mistakes or minor errors for which he may be forgiven. Western heroes and the "Communist" Mikhail Gorbachev are no exception to the rule, are always positive heroes and depicted as great "democrats" and their opponents are classed cruel and heartless "Stalinists", anti-democrats and sometimes even as mass murderers.
But this narrative is ideologically biased, is nothing but propaganda and has little to do with reality which is shown by the books and the many documents included.
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ISBN: 9781784551537
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Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: June 30th, 2021
Pages: 274
Language: English