Simple Accountability: And Its Necessity In Your Life & Walk (Paperback)

Simple Accountability: And Its Necessity In Your Life & Walk By Dana Coverstone, LLC Uberwriters (Editor) Cover Image
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Have you ever failed in your thoughts or your actions, but never told anyone due to shame?

Has sin ever held back your spiritual walk causing you to feel like you will never overcome bad habits?

Do not despair-there is hope Simple Accountability provides detailed guidelines, along with encouraging examples and case studies. These tools foster results-based personal accountability that will shape your walk with the Lord for maximum spiritual success.

Simple Accountability is an easy-to-follow book about the crucial practice of accountability that will keep you honest about yourself and your actions. Simple Accountability will provide the methods you need to establish lifelong accountability partnerships which will rapidly improve your thought life, increase your positive habits, and discourage negative behavior patterns.

You will also learn how to find the right accountability partners so you can conquer your fears of confessing sins and weaknesses, while beginning to truly overcome in your Christian life.

When applied, Simple Accountability will transform your life through time-tested patterns of established accountability with trusted accountability partners and mentors.

Learn to:

- Establish and develop key relationships.

- Conquer your fears of confessing sin and negative habits.

- Sharpen the iron of your spirit, while also sharpening your partner's.

- Strengthen your walk with the Lord and become a stronger Christian.

Don't wait a minute longer.

Let Simple Accountability start getting you results today.

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ISBN: 9781737991809
ISBN-10: 1737991802
Publisher: Lithos Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: December 18th, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English