The Postmodern Poet: Himeros & Anteros (Paperback)

The Postmodern Poet: Himeros & Anteros By Josiah M. Callaghan Cover Image
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FACILITATED AT THE INTERSECTION of faith, personal experience, and philosophical scrutiny, The Postmodern Poet: Himeros & Anteros, interrogates existence through the wordplay of formal and verbally aesthetic poetry. In his debut publication, Josiah Macrae Callaghan recounts the emotive tremors and angst released by first love and repeated heartbreak, as both boyhood idealism and faith are deeply unsettled by the suffocation of romance and the silence of the transcendent. Sensing the peculiar and vexing march of history shifting, Callaghan narrates his own sojourn, wandering from age to age and page to page, in the restless quest for requited love and an authentic spirituality in the desacralized world of postmodernism. This anthology is an ode to the once enchanted world of the divine and the sublime, a hopeful prayer for the resurrection of dreams, and a raw and vulnerable lament for the dissipation and death of that which is unrecoverable.

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ISBN: 9781737039464
ISBN-10: 173703946X
Publisher: Good Soil Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English