The Secret of Etemenanki (Paperback)

The Secret of Etemenanki By James Ragon Cover Image
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An Unexpected Quest

The year is 1187 and European crusaders still control Jerusalem. The Sultan Saladin has unleashed war on the Crusader Kingdoms and the Christian armies have suffered a catastrophic defeat at the Battle of the Horns of Hattin. In the aftermath of the sultan's victory, Sir Byron Fitzwalter finds himself wounded and alone. Desperate to survive, Fitzwalter flees to the Sea of Galilee where destiny intervenes.

Father Michael Villhardain finds the knight, lost and near death. This chance meeting has consequences, binding the fates of the priest and the knight together. Father Villhardain has a secret. The Roman Catholic Church has given him a dangerous assignment, and the future of the Crusader Kingdoms hangs in the balance. Saladin knows Rome's desire and he sends his most trusted knight, Husam al-Din, to capture Villhardain, and destroy Rome's dreams of conquest forever.

Sir Byron Fitzwalter finds himself caught in these momentous events as two warring powers struggle for supremacy. His path leads him to Babylon where, beneath the foundations of the ruins of the great Ziggurat E-temen-an-ki, Fitzwalter must make the most difficult decisions of his life.

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ISBN: 9781736242407
ISBN-10: 1736242407
Publisher: Bay Horse Publishing
Publication Date: January 4th, 2021
Pages: 638
Language: English