Bear Attack in the Smokies: Memoirs of a National Park Ranger (Paperback)

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Memoirs of a former career National Park Ranger, and how he began a career with the National Park Service. This body of work describes many incidents that occurred in his 26 years as a National Park Ranger and how a government bureaucracy impacted this Ranger's life in a job he loved.

This work covers how the National Park Service evolved during his career and focusing on how the park service management dealt with law enforcement issues and including the shooting deaths of three of his close colleagues that were dedicated National Park Rangers. It gives an inside perspective of how a difficult bureaucracy works and identifying mismanagement and rogue law enforcement and management officials in the National Park Service.

Also included in this work is the tragic death of a local schoolteacher killed by a black bear in the Smoky Mountains, where false and misleading information was given to the public, and reveals insights and truths about the investigation, and how and why it was covered up. It identifies the mismanagement of the National Park Service functions in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, including information and negligence regarding the 2016 Wildfires that killed 14 people.

This body of work lays out the facts as they happened. Some are sad, some humorous, and some remarkably interesting. This book will leave you with a new understanding of how the Park Service has steered away from their original mission and how they operate today.

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ISBN: 9781734753615
ISBN-10: 1734753617
Publisher: French Broad River Press
Publication Date: May 20th, 2020
Pages: 346
Language: English