Pull Out: Men, Modern Life, and Mutiny (Paperback)

Pull Out: Men, Modern Life, and Mutiny Cover Image
By Arvin Vohra, Chelsey Snyder (Editor), Ryan Ryanurz Biore (Cover Design by)
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During the last decades, male culture has been beaten down and virtually erased. Policy, education, and culture have turned against the interests of men, violating their natural rights everywhere from family courts, to tax law, to the social justice culture that has overwhelmed many college campuses. Personal and family life have similarly suffered for men, as many have become silenced even in their own homes, or forced to act against their most basic interests.

In Pull Out, Arvin Vohra presents a brutal vision of modern masculinism that rejects both the failed culture of the past and the broken culture of the present. Unflinching, unapologetic, and uncompromising, Pull Out presents a roadmap for the American man's psychological, political, and personal mutiny.

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ISBN: 9781732503403
ISBN-10: 1732503400
Publisher: Roland Media Distribution
Publication Date: September 1st, 2018
Pages: 328
Language: English