The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Cellular Activation (Hardcover)

The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Cellular Activation By Johanna Bassols Cover Image
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Did you know that you have an optimal physical blueprint that can be activated with the perfect combination of foods, breathing techniques, and focused movements that can restructure your cellular patterns?

And did you know that this blueprint also activates your connection to higher levels of consciousness?

Cellular activation is a process that enables you to reach the state of awareness in your physical body to embody consciousness.

Awareness allows you to restructure your cellular communication to according to your original persona or original programming of creation, which is your most optimal and inherent state.

Cellular Activation is the second volume of the series "The Power of the elevation of Consciousness" and focuses in the practices that lead to the embodiment of consciousness from your physical body.

The premise of the Power of the Elevation of Consciousness series is that your most effective and optimal blueprint is already within you, and to successfully become it, all you need to experience is the state of awareness. A state in which you can restructure your entire self organically.

The practice of cellular activation consists in forming new patterns of cellular communication, which can be created by following specific routines of food, intentional breathing, and movements, designed to stimulate your neurotransmitters and hormones.

One of the necessary implementations to experience cellular activation is the observance of a new food pattern that in this program is presented to you as the Conscious Diet.

The Conscious Diet consists of four 30-day food plans, which include focused movements and intentional breathing, in a sequence designed to accomplish inner connectedness.

This sequence involves the following steps:

1- Activation of the cells in the nervous system

2- Activation of the stem cells

3- Automatization of the interconnectedness of our nerve and muscle cells

4- Activation of the connection to consciousness

The creation of patterns allows us to communicate with ourselves and implant chemical messages that become patterns, which means that our body continues stimulating our messages even when we are asleep.

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Publication Date: July 15th, 2019
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