U.S. House Practice: A Guide to the Rules, Precedents, and Procedures of the House (Paperback)

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Volume 1
HOUSE PRACTICE: A Guide to the Rules, Precedents, and Procedures of the House The compilation of the parliamentary precedents of the House is as important as any other function of the Office of the Parliamentarian. For each procedural decision made on the floor of the House, the Parliamentarian extracts the proceedings from the daily Congressional Record and writes a parliamentary syllabus. These ''headnotes'' must be precise, stating the real substance of the decision and its legal rationale in suitably narrow terms. To ensure a current digest of these matters, the Parliamentarian biennially publishes a House Rules and Manual. For the longer term, the Parliamentarian compiles the most salient precedents for formal, scholarly publication. These precedents presently fill 29 volumes comprising thousands of decisions over the 227 years of parliamentary practice in the House. They are published as Hinds' Precedents (1907); Cannon's Precedents (1936); and the precedents of the House authored by current and former Parliamentarians. To bridge the span between a digest of decisions and formally published precedents, the Parliamentarian also publishes this work as a condensed compilation of procedures of current application. The scope of this volume is thus limited. It is a summary review of selected precedents and not an exhaustive survey of all applicable rulings. The House Rules and Manual and the published volumes of precedents remain the primary sources for more comprehensive analysis and authoritative citation.

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