Drug Economy Attack on Afrikan Youth - We Fight Back: : Britain's Low intensity Drug War Against Afrikan Communities (Paperback)

Drug Economy Attack on Afrikan Youth - We Fight Back: : Britain's Low intensity Drug War Against Afrikan Communities Cover Image
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"Drug economy attack on Afrikan youth: We fight back " uncovers a world where state agencies including bankers and police, manage Britain's dirty money and drug economy hand in hand with Afrikan and other pushers as fronts. This results in the criminalisation of targeted Afrikan youths contained in internal colonies. It:1.Critically examines state mechanisms and their operations, exposing their inherent violence and the British State's disproportionate violence against Afrikan youths in its home based colonies;2.Exposes the origins and development of 'Low intensity Warfare'. Widely deployed against Afrikan youth in Britain and other capitalist centres, it was designed by Britain's then leading general Frank Kitson against Afrikan freedom fighters during decolonizing struggles in the 1950's;3.Unearths underground workings of the multi-billion dollar international drug economy operating in service of capitalism's elite, exposing the corrupt role of banks, police and even governments that impose drug economies on Afrikan youths contained in internal colonies;4.Reminds of real life cases where Scotland Yard went overseas to recruit known murderers and rapists as mercenaries, paying them handsomely to unofficially police Britain's drug economy attack on contained Afrikan youths. It was no surprise when they raped and murdered whilst 'on duty' in Britain. Police mercenaries' murderous activities are the root source of spiralling gun and knife crime in targeted Afrikan communities;5.Clarifies Malcolm X's use of the phrase 'by any means necessary'. Criminals posing as freedom fighters abuse the phrase, misleadingly suggesting he supported smuggling drugs to fund 'Afrikan liberation'. This is a lie. His opposition to the drug economy was uncompromising. Some social commentators even suggest he was assassinated by 'the mob' because of it.Criminality created by the British state's drug economy is used as justification to unleash police terror campaigns in Afrikan internal colonies: Police budgets increase; Gun toting SAS killer soldiers are said to operate on Britain's streets disguised in police uniforms; Unprovoked murders of Afrikan people by police and their agents become increasingly common; Afrikan youths are routinely stopped and searched several times more than any other group; and drug induced state violence is wilfully perpetrated against siege ridden law abiding Afrikan communities. These claims may sound sensational but inside the covers of this book there is compelling evidence to support them.
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ISBN: 9781690158479
ISBN-10: 1690158476
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 16th, 2019
Pages: 240
Language: English