Lost without custody of my children and trying to invoke change. (Paperback)

Lost without custody of my children and trying to invoke change. Cover Image
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Children quickly become the most precious thing in a mother's life. In an instant they become a guiding light, an ultimate purpose, and a reason for existing. Yet in an instant they can be taken away, along with your sense of self. Where does a mother go when a piece of herself is plucked from her arms? How does she maintain hope when the court system has failed and disregarded her so many times? Lost Without Custody of My Children and Trying to Invoke Change by Senoise Currie traverses the hurt and hollowness that comes with having your children taken from you. Currie begins the journey of redemption for the mistakes of her past and reveals the empowerment that comes with changing your life for the better. In a plea to the court system and other mothers like her, the author shares her story of heartache and transformation through the guidance of the Lord. In this story of hope, Currie takes a stand against the ethics of separating a rehabilitated, willing mother and her young children. Readers will soak up the ambition and optimism that flows from the author's call for confidence and responsibility in motherhood. With the vigor that only a determined mother can have, Currie makes her case that not only are mothers deserving of second chances, but so are their children. For through Him, any obstacle can be conquered.
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ISBN: 9781662842535
ISBN-10: 1662842538
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 12th, 2022
Pages: 98
Language: English