Kids Caught in the Middle: How Families Are Harmed When Judges Don't Follow the Law (Paperback)

Kids Caught in the Middle: How Families Are Harmed When Judges Don't Follow the Law Cover Image
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The Law Is Designed To Protect Families--When Judges Don't Follow It.

In Kids Caught in the Middle, Liisa Speaker offers key insights into the issues that routinely occur in the trial courts. As an appellate attorney who spends a vast amount of her time appealing decisions of family law judges, she has represented families and children in each of the custody, parenting, and other family law areas covered in the book and has a keen understanding of what it takes to achieve successful outcomes in family court.

Filled with myriad real-life case examples, Kids Caught in the Middle offers an in-depth look at where trial judges are going wrong and how bad decisions are impacting families and children. It is a must-read for family law attorneys, judges, parents, and anyone looking to understand the legal issues affecting families and how to avoid the mistakes that happen all too often when judges don't follow the law.

About the Author

Liisa Speaker is the owner and lead attorney at Speaker Law Firm, the only appellate boutique firm in Michigan.After starting her firm in 2007, she began taking on more family law cases. Her interest in family law grew to a passion, and today focuses the work of her law firm with one goal in mind: to get trial court judges to follow the law. That goal continues to drive her work as an attorney and author and provides her clients with a second chance and a voice that they may have been denied in the trial court.
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ISBN: 9781642252965
ISBN-10: 1642252964
Publisher: Advantage Media
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 282
Language: English