From Duty to Delight: Sexual Intimacy for the Whole Woman (Paperback)

From Duty to Delight: Sexual Intimacy for the Whole Woman By Eileen Scipione Cover Image
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Tired of just doing your duty in the bedroom? This book is for you. Do you want to have all (and I mean all) that God designed for a wife's sexual pleasure? This book is very practical. Do you want calming tools to bring down your levels of fear and anxiety when intimate with your husband? This book gives step-by-step instructions for reducing fear and worry and even wrong attractions.

Wonder how to strengthen your core muscles for better orgasms? There is a chapter for you. Ever consider what foods to eat for improved sexual responses? Again, a chapter by a registered dietitian spells it out.

If you are single, widowed, or divorced, there is a chapter for you too. Just go straight to the last chapter, which guides you into greater spiritual and emotional intimacy with your Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

The topic of sexual intimacy is taboo in the church. Women who struggle with sexual dissatisfaction do not know where to get help. From Duty to Delight: Sexual Intimacy for the Whole Woman is a treasure trove of biblical knowledge and wisdom for the church. In this powerful and passionate book, biblical counselor Eileen Scipione takes us on a necessary and adventurous biblical journey to teach Christian women how to develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually into becoming more fulfilled sexual beings.

Shannon Kay McCoy

Eileen Scipione offers a biblical approach to sexuality, openly discussing topics that seem off-limits to many. She unapologetically offers wisdom that many young women wished their mothers had openly discussed with them. Contrasting the cultural misconceptions of monogamous sexual union as drab and dull, she provides the beauty of biblical sexual intimacy filled with pleasure and purpose.

Dr. Dale Johnson, Director of ACBC

About The Author

The author is a committed follower of Christ and an experienced biblical counselor. She was a pastor's wife for several years, and then her husband George helped launch CCEF. Eileen was a pioneer in the homeschooling movement in New Jersey and also in home birthing. She has five grown children and two grandchildren.

She earned her BS in education for the visually impaired and also earned her ThM in biblical counseling at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

A conference and retreat speaker for many years, Eileen loves to use her gifts for those who want biblical and practical help for spiritual, emotional, and even physical challenges.

Now a widow, she senses a call on her life to sharing the secrets of her own enriched and intimate marriage of forty-seven years.

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ISBN: 9781638446897
ISBN-10: 163844689X
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English