Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital (Hardcover)

Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital By Sammy Azzouz Cover Image
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A Framework for Sustained Capital Growth

If you already know the financial planning basics, the fundamentals, and the mistakes to avoid but are uncertain of what comes next to increase your wealth, this book is for you.

Most personal finance books fall into one of two categories. Some cover the basics: the smart use of credit cards, debt management, buying a home, how mortgages work, and starting to save early. Some deal with managing your own money by trying to turn you into an investment genius, leaving you under the impression that just by following a few simple formulas or spending a few hours a week, you will beat the pros in an extremely competitive arena. Too few books present a comprehensive approach that takes you beyond the basics and focuses on the key decisions that will increase your wealth.

Sammy Azzouz wrote this book to help bridge that gap--to provide an individual capital allocation framework for successful people who are looking for what to do next.

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ISBN: 9781632992802
ISBN-10: 1632992809
Publisher: River Grove Books
Publication Date: April 8th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English