From Beyond the Skies: An Invitation Into the Wonder of Love (Paperback)

From Beyond the Skies: An Invitation Into the Wonder of Love Cover Image
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Sixteen years ago, Juli Boit, a 25-year-old nurse practitioner, moved from Los Angeles to a small village in Kenya to be a part of an HIV program. In 2009, she founded a hospice called Kimbilio where men, women, and children come either to heal or to be loved until they die.

On an ordinary Friday afternoon in 2016, a three-pound baby boy, Ryan, wrapped in pink was brought to Kimbilio. He had been born prematurely earlier that week. His mom passed away while giving birth, and neighbors miraculously kept Ryan alive on water alone for five days until they brought him to the hospice. Juli and her husband, Titus, brought Ryan to their home to care for him, simply wanting to make sure he would survive. When Ryan was six months old, he, along with two of his other siblings, were diagnosed with sickle cell disease. In Kenya, 80% of children with sickle cell die before they reach their second birthday. From Beyond the Skies is a remarkable story of love, courage, and new life found within the dark. It is an invitation to all who read it to do courageous things.

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ISBN: 9781631954276
ISBN-10: 163195427X
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English