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Travelogue, literary autobiography, and journalistic expos of the mores of capital punishment, Rue
chronicles its author's initiatory Rilke pilgrimage to France and Switzerland and-upon his
return to America-his up-close involvement in death penalty politics. Immersed in the legal and
human drama unfolding in Houston in the days leading up to an impending execution, the
intimate linkage of love and death learned from Rilke aid him in his efforts to confront his
country's sanction of lethal violence and make spiritual sense of his torn, too often black-and-white

"Poetry matters and this book shows us why. The astonishing range of Rue Rilke-a travel diary, a
meditation on Rilke, and a gripping account of efforts to oppose an unjust judicial execution-reveals
the essense of what James Hillman calls soul-making. Poet, essayist, and passionate abolitionist,
Daniel Polikoff gives us a book dedicated to the fiery poetry of life itself."
SUSAN ROWLAND, author of Jung as a Writer and The Ecocritical Psyche

"In his stunning early book Rue Rilke, Daniel Joseph Polikoff offers us an impassioned and
stylistically brilliant travelogue. With Rilke as his Virgil, he descends in quest of the feminine values
he must labor to integrate into contemporary life. Never before has Rilke's mythic identification
with the prodigal son been so personally authenticated, taken up with such imaginative immersion
and inquisitive grace. A remarkable achievement."
BRUCE BOND, University of North Texas, author of Immanent Distance

"Polikoff's is a profound and spacious spiritual imagination. That passionate young man who wrote of
his experiences one summer more than two decades ago was filled with the old wisdom of The
Poet, the song-lines of landscape, and the prophetic voice that dares confront "the fear that guts
the spiritual house of this land." We need his voice now in our own deeply disturbed times."
NAOMI RUTH LOWINSKY, author of The Sister from Below and The Faust Woman

Poet, translator, and internationally recognized Rilke scholar Daniel Joseph Polikoff received his
Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Cornell University and his Diploma in Waldorf Education from
Rudolf Steiner College. In addition to work in numerous literary journals, he has published five
books of poetry, translation, and criticism, including In the Image of Orpheus: Rilke-A Soul
and a bilingual translation of Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus.

Dr. Polikoff has taught literature in Waldorf high schools as well as courses in
literature and depth psychology at Sonoma State University and the California Institute of Integral
Studies. He has shared his passion for Rilke in a wide variety of venues in the United States and
abroad, including annual meetings of the International Rilke and Jean Gebser Societies, the San
Francisco Jung Institute, and the Napa Valley Writer's Conference. His webinars on Rilke: Poetry
and Alchemy
and Rilke and the Hermetic Tradition are available through the Asheville
Jung Center. He resides with his wife Monika and family in the San Francisco Bay area. More
information is available at
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