Maximize Your Medicare: 2024-2025 Edition: Qualify for Benefits, Protect Your Health, and Minimize Your Costs (Paperback)

Maximize Your Medicare: 2024-2025 Edition: Qualify for Benefits, Protect Your Health, and Minimize Your Costs By Jae Oh, MBA Cover Image
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"Jae Oh’s Maximize Your Medicare is the best book I’ve read on understanding all of the Medicare options and how Medicare intersects with other health insurance options." —Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income at The American College

Includes the Most Up-to-Date Information for 2024-2025

Confused by Medicare? Get answers from Maximize Your Medicare, an informative guide by nationally recognized expert Jae W. Oh. Maximize Your Medicare helps readers understand how and what to choose when deciding on Medicare options. This book shows readers how to:
  • Enroll in Medicare and avoid never-ending penalties
  • Compare Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage
  • Discern the differences among Parts A, B, and D
  • Increase benefits every year
  • Avoid costly errors
  • Deal with special circumstances
  • Get the most from the plan
Additional information for this new edition includes:
  • Putting it Together: the steps you need to take to be a Savvy Medicare Consumer
  • New coverage options for Diabetes and End-Stage Renal Disease patients
  • How the ACA enhancements can change your retirement decision-making path

Written in a clear and concise style, Maximize Your Medicare is a vital resource for every American aged sixty-five or older, as well as for their families and care coordinators.
ged sixty-five or older, as well as for their families and care coordinators.

About the Author

Jae W. Oh, MBA, CFP is a chartered life underwriter and a chartered financial consultant. He is the managing principal of GH2 Benefits, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with individual and commercial clients nationwide. He is the chair of the Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization that provides financial relief to insured persons saddled with medical debt. He has frequently served as a panelist representing Humana Inc., one of the nation's largest providers of Medicare plans. He is a frequent public speaker to large and small groups, including the State Bar of Michigan, colleges, companies, library systems, and senior centers. He is widely quoted in the national media on financial and Medicare topics. He has a master's degree in business administration in accounting and finance from the University of Chicago, and a bachelor of arts degree in economics and political science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has spent over a decade in international capital markets on three continents. He resides in Michigan.

Praise For…

Maximize Your Medicare’s real-world, practical information makes it a must-read for both current and future retirees. This book is one of a kind because it provides a practical strategy, a practical approach of how to think about how Medicare works today, and how it can affect a retirement plan in the future. There are many books on the topic of retirement planning, from Social Security to investing, written by professionals who have direct real-world experience. Similar guidance is difficult to find regarding Medicare, where the pitfalls are everywhere, especially when a Medicare beneficiary is not aware of the nuances that are not stated in the many advertisements and mailings.” —Robert Powell, editor, Retirement Daily

“Jae Oh has unquestionably mastered the challenge of making sense of the byzantine Medicare rules, regulations, and little-known nuances and pitfalls. Oh deserves great praise for his adept skill at translating what is, for most, too difficult a language to comprehend. I have learned a lot and am grateful to Oh for devoting so much of his time and energy to create what is clearly a Medicare roadmap for all to follow. Anyone who follows the advice and guidance provided will not only find their way to an optimal Medicare coverage to meet their needs, but will also enjoy the added health benefit of reducing the stress related to the cost of accessing health care.” —Sanford J. Mall, JD, elder law attorney, VA accredited attorney, and member of the Council of Advanced Practitioners and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

“Jae Oh’s how-to, titled Maximize Your Medicare, offers a wealth of timely advice covering the ins and outs of Medicare coverage. Even though I’ve served in senior management and consulting roles with hospitals and physician practices for almost forty years and thought I understood the arcane rules governing qualifying for Medicare and the various options for coverage, the eye-openers covered in this book will prove invaluable to anyone on the cusp of qualifying and as a guide to assure one is sufficiently covered from year to year.” —Jim Goldmann, MHA, former fellow, American College of Health Care Executives

“I have been a Medicare insurance broker in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida for the last twelve years. I have been carrying the annually updated version of Maximize Your Medicare with me for the past six or seven years. I would not go to an appointment without it. Technical questions/answers and third-party thoughts are very helpful for immediate clarifications and in-depth information.” —Dale Hood, independent Medicare insurance broker

Maximize Your Medicare isn’t just for adults approaching Medicare eligibility age. As an adult child tasked with making Medicare decisions for my parents, I felt an enormous pressure and responsibility to make the best choices. I was also overwhelmed by the Medicare options, details, timelines, and restrictions. Mr. Oh demystifies Medicare. His expertise made it possible for me to make sense of deadlines, identify the best options, and develop a clear plan for each of my parents. I also steered clear of several pitfalls I would not have recognized without the help this book provides. Mr. Oh’s clear terminology and examples helped me to explain concepts, structures, and recommendations to my parents. Armed with good information and resources, I felt empowered and confident in my ability to help my parents. Maximize Your Medicare is required reading for those who want to educate themselves and support loved ones in on one of the most critical medical and financial decisions of their retirement years.” —Catherine Johnson, reader
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Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
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