Bankruptcy And The Bride (Paperback)

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BANKRUPTCY AND THE BRIDE is for every person struggling with their finances and possessing a desire to know the will of God for their situation. You may find yourself bound by religion, the opinions of family and friends, pride, and embarrassment. You will learn these are all Traps of the enemy to keep you bondage financially, emotionally, relationally and physically. You may often hear the mantra of "you have to pay your bills, it is what the Word of God says." However, you will not be told that if you can't pay them, God has a jubilee and you cannot incur more debt than the blood of Jesus was shed to forgive and cancel it. The first publication of this book travelled around the world. Reports came in from readers around the globe of what a blessing the book was to them. It was distributed by Bankruptcy attorneys to Christian clients who were struggling with having to file for Bankruptcy.
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ISBN: 9781619967410
ISBN-10: 1619967413
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 30th, 2012
Pages: 24
Language: English