Harey (Paperback)

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The ultimate sacrifice. Gwas can outrun a horse, knows how to hide and steal, but is ignorant of the ways of men. Rescued from a miserable existence by an intimidating angel and fated as a Druidic offering, the only direction he wishes to flee is straight into the arms and knife of his savior, Gareth.

Enduring love. Maura knows Gareth is no angel, but she adores him with a passion that loneliness cannot dent. When he brings her an injured orphan who fears her on sight, she opens her heart.

Heroic resolve. Gareth is caught between his liege lord and brother's fist, and a dilemma that grows harder to deny with every passing season. If he must defy man and gods to embrace his heart's desires, so be it.

As the clash of old and new religions puts lives in peril, and a coming of age winter finally gives way to spring, the evolution of a colorful myth spreads across the land.

About the Author

Sci-fi, paranormal, suspense, indefinable, Arlene Webb is an author who adds sweet and spicy layers of romance. She was born in upstate New York, land of cows, snow, drizzle and sometimes a ray of sun. Second oldest with four siblings, she spent childhood reading everything she could get her hands on. Adolescence found her questioning the validity of everything she read, along with acquiring the usual scars of high school. Early twenties, she headed for the Pacific. A stop off to visit a friend turned into years in Tucson, Arizona. Arlene worked as a waitress, bartender, greenhouse worker, greyhound trainer, while swapping a pysch major for one in plant sciences at the University of Arizona. Fired for skipping employee meetings at restaurants, employee gambling at the dogtrack, refusing to use live rabbits as bait, it fell to planting cacti and bartending to pay her way through college. Arlene's late twenties found her running family owned greenhouses and florist shops in New York. When the reality of retail life became too mundane to handle, she began an obsessive love of creating more interesting worlds.
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ISBN: 9781613338254
ISBN-10: 1613338252
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Publication Date: April 13th, 2015
Pages: 172
Language: English