Icy Winters on the Chesapeake Bay: A History (Disaster) (Hardcover)

Icy Winters on the Chesapeake Bay: A History (Disaster) Cover Image
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Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay's myriad inlets in summer, it is hard to imagine that, come January, icebreakers may be plowing the waters you cruised in July. When portions of the Great Shellfish Bay are iced up, the flow of commerce is impeded. At the turn of the nineteenth century, with the center of the new nation's government established it its arms, a frozen Bay meant that the United States' emergence to a status on par with the foremost nations of the world might be painfully slow. James Foster chronicles the disasters and pitfalls, large and small, that come with the coldest of winters.
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ISBN: 9781540250490
ISBN-10: 1540250490
Publisher: History PR
Publication Date: November 8th, 2021
Pages: 210
Language: English
Series: Disaster