Inside the Mind of a Narcissistic Person: Everything you should know about them and How to counter attack their behavior (Paperback)

Inside the Mind of a Narcissistic Person: Everything you should know about them and How to counter attack their behavior Cover Image
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Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a growing concern. There is a separation between people caused by this disorder that can leave the patient in a troubling place. Though the disorder has few known causes, the symptoms are universal. There is some help in therapy, but that can also be precarious as there is always room for a backfire. Someone suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder can find escape from the pressures that allow the disorder to flourish, but they must be willing to take those steps. What this book will help you achieve Our focus on individuality is one of a competitive nature. We want to be the smartest, the prettiest, the strongest, the one with the best story, the one that needs the most attention, and so on. Presently, with the huge focus on Internet socializing, people want the most insignificant parts of their lives to be acknowledged and praised by others. This leads to a feeling of superiority amongst those searching for this attention. For a person already suffering from narcissistic beliefs, this can cause a much worse reaction. To effectively deal with a narcissist, you need to first identify one. The signs of this disorder can become a little hard to identify because they are not always so obvious. So, how do you identify a narcissist? Research has detailed some major pointers you can use to identify a narcissist. If a person shows several of the following signs, then they are probably a narcissist. Likable At First, but Unpleasant In the Long Run Narcissists make a very great first impression. They may come across as very personable and charismatic and tend to perform very well in job interviews. In many situations, the image portrayed by the narcissist can be very positive, but in the long run, ends up being quite negative. If you are in a relationship with one, then you can attest to this. They Can Be Found In Leadership Roles This does not necessarily make them good leaders; rather, it means they find themselves in those positions because of the need to satisfy their ego. Since they are flowery and quite appealing to other people, it is easier for them to get promoted to leadership roles. They Also Make the Conversation Focus on Them When talking to a narcissist, you will realize that he or she has an uncanny ability to turn the conversation inwards, turning the conversation to be about themselves. For instance, if you were talking to them about your sick mum, they will end up turning the conversation to something about their new house. As these people seek and achieve the attention they need to justify their personalities, they feel like their ideals are confirmed when attention is given to them. People are rated by profile photos, interests, successes, and so many other factors already. This also feeds the narcissistic personality. Although, this makes it hard to not be part of a needy crowd, unfortunately, not being a part of this world is not something they can do and still find social acceptability.
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