Manifestation: 8 Secret Tricks to Getting Everything You Want (Paperback)

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Manifestation: 8 Secret Tricks To Getting Everything You Want Without Being Deceitful, Dishonest or a Cheater The idea of manifestation and The Law of Attraction have been around for a thousand years. In essence, it is to be believed that our mind is connected to the universe that created everything and that whatever we asked for, it provides. Don't you want to have that big beautiful home, extremely well-behaved children, or a vacation of a lifetime? What about having ultimate financial freedom so that you can do the things you love without worrying over money? You'll learn 8 secret tricks to getting everything you want by using manifestation to its ultimate power. LEARN MORE ABOUT MANIFESTING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT What's the Law of Attraction and how the heck will this help you get your desires? What absolute must-haves you need in order to have your desires to come to you How first knowing what you want gets you to what you want FASTER How to become rich and wealthy from your manifestations Creative visualization techniques that will help you achieve your dreams sooner than you ever thought possible How to come up with a fool-proof plan to achieve your desires What to do when doubt and disbelief tries to steal your manifestation power This book will help you achieve and realize your dreams by using the power of manifestation. If you're interested in learning more about having the life of your dreams and manifesting all of your desires, then buy today.
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ISBN: 9781508668107
ISBN-10: 1508668108
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 16th, 2015
Pages: 46
Language: English