The Magic Money Machine: An Introduction to Personal Finance; Be Prepared and Achieve Financial Security (Paperback)

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Find out what mysteries await inside the Magic Money Machine and how they just might be the solutions to help you meet your financial goals. This guide to personal finance follows the author, a personal finance coach, as he attends a charity fundraiser, where he encounters a mysterious box containing coin-producing widgets that are up for auction. He meets up with a diverse series of friends: a nonprofit credit counselor, a certified financial planner, a landlord, and a combat veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. You'll absorb nuggets of financial wisdom that Piersall has collected over his four decades of industry experience, almost by accident, as you learn about the mysterious widgets. Reading this book will be some of the most profitable time and money you'll ever spend, and it will show you how to prepare for hard times. It is the treasure map that can lead you toward enjoying an early retirement while you're still young and healthy. It may even rid your life of money-related anxiety, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and family discord. This book is Marvin L. Piersall's entertaining but serious explanation of how the average working American can navigate the financial storms of life and still achieve lifelong financial stability. Through the narrative, the author skillfully delivers financial wisdom that just may change your life.

About the Author

Marvin L. Piersall is enjoying early retirement from a successful career as program planner for the Bureau of Financial Policy Research and Analysis. He earned an associate of arts degree in business administration from Lincoln Land Community College and a bachelor of arts degree in management from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He performed economic research at the Bureau of the Budget during his senior year of college. While serving in the United States Navy and living across the street from a marina, he met a forty-year-old retired investor who ended up having a major impact on his life. Piersall purchased his first house when he was twenty-two and continued to purchase properties, study investments, and question everyone he met who had achieved early retirement. Today, he provides others with personal finance advice so that they can do the same.
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ISBN: 9781499189803
ISBN-10: 149918980X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 10th, 2014
Pages: 150
Language: English