I Love Yahweh (Paperback)

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This Books guide you to know correct years of Human history in The Bible. Also this book give people to be very good personality with health also to be wealth also maintaining good Natural Environments for themselves. This Book gives people to be educated as look after themselves as well as their families as to be well educated people. This book deliver people life to be welfare society so to be solved caused wrong of Human life. So this book contribute people to be prosperous. This book make people to be health wealth as well as to be well Educated people.

About the Author

I Jewn Ho Choi received holy spirit from God Yahweh year in 1992 also year in 1993 in Australia. Since then I developed myself to be successful my life as that I find out about myself is different from other people as I know how to solve the problems of people life but other people do not know. That is today I wrote my Book I Love Yahweh . I wrote this book because of thanks to God Yahweh as I received Holy Spirit from God Yahweh.
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ISBN: 9781482891508
ISBN-10: 1482891506
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
Publication Date: February 19th, 2014
Pages: 80
Language: English