Fat Girls Syndrome vs. P.H.A.T. Women's Mentality: Prideful, Happy, Astonishing, Tasteful (Paperback)

Fat Girls Syndrome vs. P.H.A.T. Women's Mentality: Prideful, Happy, Astonishing, Tasteful By Karen D. Harbin Cover Image
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Allow the Revamping of your life to BEGIN... The Fat Girl Syndrome vs. P.H.A.T (prideful happy astonishing tasteful) women mentality is the process of Revamping, Redefining, Rebuilding & Rediscovering ones life by relinquishing the negative stigma that one has place within them selves stemming from a low self concept. During the revamping process readers will be introduced to the unlikely three types of the FGS (the loner type, the ole reliable type & the reckless type). The revamping process involves a series of six phases that will redefine & rebuild one who is suffering from a low self concept into a prideful, happy, astonishing & tasteful woman who loves and values oneself. I lived it, I learned from it and I have conquered the Fat Girl Syndrome. Allow my imperfections (My Truth) educate and inspire you. P.H.A.T Pledge: I don't expect to be loved-I deserve to be loved (Without any conditions) I should not rely on respect-I should demand respect. I should be pleased before pleasing another...I don't need another to complete me... I COMPLETE ME Karen D. Harbin (September 13 2009)

About the Author

Karen D. Harbin Author & personal development coach. My mission is to revamp women who have been a victim of a low self concept and promote self love. My purpose is to rebirth a displaced identity into an identity that is prideful, happy, astonishing & tasteful. Karen D. Harbin of Wichita KS, I'm a daughter, a sister & a proud aunt. Self love advocate that mentor the lives of the broken, the misplaced & the lost. www.karendharbin.com
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ISBN: 9781478737032
ISBN-10: 1478737034
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: June 13th, 2014
Pages: 172
Language: English