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A Personal Story of Domestic Abuse This is my autobiography. I have written about my life, and the things I endured as a child. I was physically and verbally abused as a child. These people hated me so much that they spent their entire life trying to kill me. When I first started writing this book, I wrote it with the intention of it being a self-help book. I wanted to help other victims of domestic abuse. I am also promoting depression awareness. I would like to see the suicide rate drop down to zero, right where it belongs. I feel so passionately about this issue because when I did research in college, I found that millions of people in the world are suffering the same way I did. The statistics got me really angry. Statistics say that, sadly, child abuse is reported on average every ten seconds, and each day in the US more than four children have died as a result of abuse in the home. Instead of getting angry about this nonsense, I decided to use my anger to help people so that they don't have to suffer anymore. I've been helping people my entire life, and I absolutely love it. I love the idea that I helped somebody.If you knew me personally, you would know that it is impossible for me to open up to people about my problems. The people who adopted me literally forced me to keep my mouth shut. Every time I tried to tell people what they did to me, they always found out and they would beat me for it. Please seek help right away if you are having problems. Authors Biography: Elizabeth Adrienne Lee was born in Kempatty Sempatty Tamil Nadu, India, on September 10th, 1982. She was informed that her mother died of tuberculosis, and her father joined the service. Along with another girl, Adrienne, she was adopted by Sam and Jerome Krenz. Upon their arrival to the United States, Elizabeth was five, and Adrienne was three. Sam and Jerome were so mean and bad that Elizabeth plotted to run away from her first da.

About the Author

My name is Jennifer Aron Presley. I was born in India on September 10, 1982. I was told that my mother died of tuberculosis and my father joined the service. Adrienne and I were adopted by Sam and Jerome Krenz. Sam and Jerome told me that Adrienne is my biological sister. When Adrienne and I came to the US Adrienne was three years old and I was five years of age.
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ISBN: 9781432799175
ISBN-10: 1432799177
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: September 27th, 2013
Pages: 220
Language: English