Flashbacks: Unleashed Horror of Child Abuse (Paperback)

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FLASHBACKS LIVING BETWEEN THE WALLS OF HELL A TRUE STORY OF CHILD ABUSE BENNIE WILLIAMS Enter Kelly's world. A world where walls hide the Devils deeds done to children. A world where the person who threatens to take my life is the very person who gave it. a world of hopeless despair. I masterfully recounts the story of my tortured youth with such clarity that you will want to put FLASHBACKS down but you dare not. I recounts a childhood so physically and mentally savage That it left psychological scars that I'm still learning to overcome to this day. FLASHBACKS is brutal reading but our love for abused children must match the level of horror done to the young Gifts of God. FLASHBACKS should be required reading for every CPS and Child Help organization.
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ISBN: 9781425905736
ISBN-10: 1425905730
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: February 8th, 2006
Pages: 108
Language: English