Dark NLP: The Essential Guide for Beginners on How to Use Neuro Linguistic Programming to Influence People. A full overview of D (Paperback)

Dark NLP: The Essential Guide for Beginners on How to Use Neuro Linguistic Programming to Influence People. A full overview of D Cover Image


If you want to influence people to easily and quickly get what you really want in your life, then keep reading...

Some people think it's easier to climb the Everest than having others to help them in achieving what they really want. They think they can't get others helping them because each person is just interested in pursuing his or her happiness instead of taking care of other human beings.

On the contrary, others rely too much on people help. Their approach, their way of getting results, and even their life, in the worst scenario, is 100% dependent from someone ese.

Have you ever found in one or both of the above mentioned situations? Well... I am sorry to tell you those are common believes of people that are frustrated about their life. They would like to have more but they do not know how to get it. They feel their life should be better but the fail to transform it in a better way.

As always in life, the true is in the middle. So the reality is that everyone is more interested in his agenda but if you are able to influence others playing with dark psychology and manipulation you can influence them to have your whished results as their main priority, for sure.

It's not about neither brain washing nor black magic, it's just about using the right techniques, the right words, the right body language. An arsenal of persuasion weapons you can always exploit to get what you really want.

Unfortunately, those topics are not taught at school. Indeed, this is one of the reason why only the 1% is successful in life.

Don't get me wrong. Few years ago I was struggling in the same situation. I didn't what to have others to help me. I was fully committed to work hard following the wrong idea the world would just reward me for this.

In the reality I was everybody's puppet. My colleague played with me, my wife grilled me like a pro. Even my children coax me as they wanted.

One day I decided It was enough. So I started to invest in myself with the only goal to improve my life. So, I studied the main self-help and NLP books. And I understood the problem was me and my lack of awareness.

Awareness about how to analyze people, how to pay attention to details such us body language and the main influencing techniques. Those were the solutions to my problems.

You might be thinking "Is this correct? Are you a good person?" Of course I am. I do believe if you're not happy with your-self, you can't be a good person, a good husband and father. I am just in control of my life. And this is such a great feeling.

So now my mission is to share my experience with others. In this book you will get three main benefits:

  • The essential background you need to get started on this field
  • The 10 best and effective NLP and influence techniques
  • The lessons learnt from the main masters of NLP

You might be thinking "Can I make this book work for me?" Don't worry, I will not just tell you to do something, I provide to you a practical and learn-able approach that can help you.

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