Write Pray Recover: A Journey To Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self Care (Paperback)

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Countless people today are living with, and dying from untreated mental health disorders, as well as substance use disorder (SUD) aka addiction. This author works diligently to bring about change that will save lives, and bring awareness to an integrative approach to recovery. This includes spiritual solutions as a part of self care. Wendy is eager to encourage healthy practices to promote a global culture and climate shift that focuses on wellness in recovery Groundbreaking Wendy works tirelessly to raise awareness and to eliminate stigma associated with these disorders and provides the resources available to help. Write Pray Recover - A Journey to Wellness Through Spiritual Solutions and Self-Care is an excellent addition to those resources. In this text, the author shares her journey of lifelong disease of SUD and mental health disorders, stemming from both early childhood trauma, and ongoing trauma as an adult. It was also due in part to the irresponsibility of doctors (and pharmacists) who treated both physical and mental health symptoms. These healthcare professionals never considered the larger problems which they were creating by over- prescribing addictive opioids, and other controlled substances, in lethal doses. Over the years of her recovery from these disorders, which nearly took her life on numerous occasions, she has embraced a healthy new mindset and lifestyle. Wendy was driven to create her own "Wellness Approach to Recovery" program when she observed early in her recovery that the traditional models did not align with what she envisioned for her "new normal." Wendy has followed her own groundbreaking program where she uses an integrative approach and is thriving in wellness

With practical advice, paired with anecdotal evidence from the author's own life, the "Wellness Approach to Recovery" will help readers to embrace and recognize the variety of changes they may consider in their own lives. If these solutions and self care practices resonate-things like meditation, mindfulness, a spiritual practice, etc., then you may also align with Wendy's untapped pathway to recovery With the necessary support, tools, and a willingness to be open to new perspectives, not only can you recover from SUD and mental health disorders, but (at long last) you can begin to heal, to truly live with purpose and joy, and to thrive on a cellular level.
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ISBN: 9781039126602
ISBN-10: 103912660X
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: January 18th, 2022
Pages: 198
Language: English