Suicidal Ideation: A Biblical Perspective for Counselors (Paperback)

Suicidal Ideation: A Biblical Perspective for Counselors By II Berger, Daniel R. Cover Image
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Suicidal ideations, attempts, and completions are increasing at a disturbing rate around the world. The currently popular humanistic phenomenology and subsequent biological approaches have failed to resolve the underlying problems and are, in fact, widely understood to increase suicidal ideation. Clearly, a radical change in how suicide is viewed and approached is urgently needed. Though the medical model's failure to reduce suicides and its contribution to the problem is evident, many people are unaware that the Bible offers a tried and true alternative phenomenology to that of psychiatric/humanistic theory. The Word of God provides numerous case studies of suicidal thinking, attempts, and completions, and more importantly, Scripture offers empirical insight into both why people choose to end their lives and how to effectively help those in desperate need. In Suicidal Ideation: a Biblical Perspective for Counselors, Daniel Berger points the reader to Scripture and exposes how the current empirical findings concerning suicide confirm the Biblical understanding and approach to suicide as relevant and vitally important. Moreover, this book corrects misconceptions about suicidal thinking and helps to equip helpers, practitioners, and ministers with the only validated approach to people in despair. While no one can change another's thinking or behavior, Suicidal Ideations: a Biblical Perspective for Counselors supplies the reader with discernment and an evidence based biblical approach, which enables confidence and facilitates effectiveness to help others in times of crisis.
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ISBN: 9780997607734
ISBN-10: 0997607734
Publisher: Alethia International Publications
Publication Date: February 7th, 2021
Pages: 164
Language: English