The Great Grimoire Vol. I (Paperback)

The Great Grimoire Vol. I By Jr. Neri, Robert Cover Image
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Mage, wizard, necromancer whatever you call a spellcaster they all require the same thing... spells. Those intricate little bits of game arcana that make such characters worthwhile and certain foes so lethal. This illustrated book contains over 1,000 pregenerated spells compatible with the D&G Core system with every thing from RPG classics to very strange and powerful new original spells. This accessory to the Dice & Glory system can aid any player or Game Master not willing or simply too over-taxed to create their own magic spells using the core rulebook. Requires the Dice & Glory Core Rulebook The Great Grimoire contains: Over 1,000 pregenerated spells and rituals, Several random roll tables including those to create randomly generated magic items Rules, tables and an extra word on Magic Shops. This invaluable resource is a must have for upstart wizards and Game Masters looking for ideas.
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ISBN: 9780997267402
ISBN-10: 0997267402
Publisher: Ranger Games Publishing
Publication Date: January 28th, 2016
Pages: 258
Language: English