The Quintessential HIT MAN (Paperback)

The Quintessential HIT MAN By L. Russel Brown, Sandy Linzer, Larry E. Wacholtz Cover Image
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He's been slapped by Frank Sinatra, punched by John Lennon and ridiculed by the head of Ringo Starr's record company. And all over one song. Brown claims he took every tear and turned it into a musical note. "I turned every punch and smashed it into a rhythm. So instead of letting it destroy me, I let it help me become who I am." Consider what L. Russell Brown has accomplished, as a broken child, seriously beaten by an abusive father, living in housing project as a kid, Jewish, and how he had to steal food for himself, and his brothers, and sisters. His is the story of a good kid in a terrible childhood who seemed far more likely to end up with a large number printed on the back of his shirt, serving time in a state prison. Instead, he took the narrow path, on a difficult road, and has lived a life of struggle and fame, by following his passion of writing songs that have been recorded by many of the world's greatest superstars. They have made millions of dollars, and at the same time, have touched our hearts, minds, and souls. L. Russell Brown's songs have given our nation courage in times of desperation and helped us to share our sense of forgiveness. His song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Tree" became a symbol for families of hostages, soldiers, and loved ones who were heart fully missed. "Yellow Ribbons" led to the pink ribbons used for cancer awareness, and to other meaningful ways of expressing our shared human grief and sorrows. As Brown says, "He had more turn downs than a cheap motel bed" when it comes to pitching his songs to music publishers. Yet, his is a story of courage, and a life shared with the most famous people in the music and entertainment world.

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ISBN: 9780989895194
ISBN-10: 098989519X
Publisher: Thumbs Up Publishing
Publication Date: August 7th, 2017
Pages: 288
Language: English