Ancient Echoes (Paperback)

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A story of love and romance with a mystical twist. A coincidental meeting steps an overachieving museum director and divorcee, Skylar, along the path of self discovery and spiritual awakening. Faced with a barrage of synchronistic events, vivid dreams, and deja vu experiences, Skylar considers the greater meaning of life. She takes a risk and accepts her dream job of teaching in Japan. Triggered by the aesthetics of the Japanese culture, intrigued by the people and customs, Skylar spontaneously begins to recall her previous lives. Told short story-like, we see her as Lavender Jade in 650 AD China; as a Greek, soldiering with Alexander the Great; an orphan turned "kunoichi," a girl ninja; an Eskimo carver of the Bering Sea; and, many more. While in Kyoto, Skylar finds love with Takeo, a Japanese businessman, a romance that continues into "Slipping the Grid: A Novel" and "The Mist of time".

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ISBN: 9780989049726
ISBN-10: 0989049728
Publisher: Kick a Pebble Enterprises LLC
Publication Date: April 25th, 2022
Pages: 344
Language: English