The Get Real Guide to Retirement: The Balanced, Down-to-Earth Guide to a Rewarding and Happy Retirement (Paperback)

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When planning for your retirement, do many of those "heavenly retirement destinations" sound just a little too good to be true? Do you find that the "recommended" retirement savings sound just wonderful for millionaires but a tad absurd for the rest of us? Would you like some real answers to your retirement questions? The authors of the Get Real Guide to Retirement provide balanced no nonsense answers to the full gamut of retirement issues. Unlike those books that cover only finances or how to be happy, the Get Real Guide tells you what you really need to know about: - Checking out that idyllic retirement mecca - The advantages of renting in retirement - Calculating a realistic goal for your retirement funds - Supplementing your savings when you don't have enough - Planning for living on your own - Getting the most from your doctor visits - Uncluttering mind and home - Why you can't remember stuff anymore - Staying active and happy - Getting your dream retirement job - Making yours the best retirement ever Judith C. Pagel and Franklin H. Schapiro are in an excellent position to provide retirement advice, particularly to the next group of retirees, the Baby Boomers. Both Frank and Judy came into this world just two years before the start of the Baby Boom. As such, they spent a good part of their life experiencing problems which the Baby Boomers would face, but they faced them two years before the Boomers would. (Think of issues like an overly competitive job market and career ladder, and now retirement.) These two big data, high tech doctorates have now been retired a little over six years. They enthusiastically share their first hand retirement experiences with you, both good and bad. You will particularly like those issues that just do not get mentioned in other retirement books, i.e., those experiences you only know about because you have been there. Frank and Judy have been there - recently. They also share their expertise gained in business and academics. For money management issues, Frank's last position was in wealth management at one of the nation's largest banks. For house and home and using 21st century skills, Judy brings her experience from her last position as an IT project manager working at a Fortune 50 company. Also of interest, she was recently diagnosed with a long term physical disability, putting her in the unique position of experiencing early many of the issues advancing age will bring.

About the Author

About the Authors: Judith C. Pagel and Franklin H. Schapiro Frank and Judy have truly diverse backgrounds. Over their careers, they have gone from being academics to business marketing researchers to entrepreneurs running their own business, to high tech STEM workers, and finally to authors. As varied as these positions have been, two goals and objectives have always served as the foundation of their work. The first was to use the most advanced methodologies available for working with and understanding consumer and business information. The second was to excel in teaching and communicating their findings to their students and clients. (Although the term has only recently come into wide use, their field is best known as "big data analytics.") Both started their working careers as Assistant Professors at New York University. Frank had just received his Ph.D. in human factors engineering from Cornell University. Judy had received her Ph.D. in quantitative psychology from the University of Colorado. Mid-career saw both Frank and Judy enjoying positions in advertising and marketing research at leading U.S. advertising agencies and corporations. Both spent a large part of their working years as entrepreneurs, which provided a strong background to their suggestions in the book to start a business. In 1985, Frank started Demand Factors, Inc., an independent marketing research and planning firm. Judy joined him in the business shortly thereafter. The business was heavily involved with organizations working to strengthen America's manufacturing arm and helping to keep jobs in America. Their last positions took advantage of their high tech backgrounds and again, provided a rich background for the chapters on financing one's retirement and making jobs. Before and after the tech bubble burst, Judy worked as a programmer/analyst and IT project manager. Frank moved to high finance and became a "Quant" at the Bank of America. They are now in semi-retirement, but keep busy with two websites, http: // whose purpose is to help today's kids climb higher in life and http: //, the story of their restoration of a Victorian townhouse in St. Louis, Missouri. In preparation is a new website, emphasizing intellectual infrastructure: the machine tools for an information-based economy.
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ISBN: 9780986421211
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Publisher: Cache La Poudre Press, LLC
Publication Date: March 4th, 2015
Pages: 160
Language: English