Songwriting for Wellness: Using Music to Heal the Mind (Paperback)

Songwriting for Wellness: Using Music to Heal the Mind By Timothy M. Cheesebrow Cover Image
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Mental health is on everyone's mind these days. In addition to the large spike we're seeing in diagnoses of depressive and anxiety related disorders, there's an alarming rate of teen suicide due to a number of factors: lack of access to health care, lack of resources, social change, thin social bonds, and lack of coping skills. People feel desperate. Not only the sufferers of the disease, but those who are charged to care for them; parents and school staff. People are looking for a something to help, but don't know what to do. There are mental health services available in schools, however, in order to use them the student must have a positive diagnosis for a mental or behavioral disorder. This is a time consuming and expensive process that students avoid at all costs because they don't want to be labeled as a broken human being. School officials' hands are tied, they don't have a way to screen students for mental illness. The easiest solution seems to be giving every student the tools to promote their own mental health, but which tools? How do they work? Pioneering a program to meet this need head on, the author found a way to reach students and give them the tools they need through a medium they already experience daily; music. This book is written in a popular, conversational style. It's easily accessible to those who don't know much about music, providing just enough information to get them started writing great songs without overwhelming them with heavy theory. It is a practical guide for using songwriting for personal fulfillment that backs up its assertions with research based evidence from multiple fields of study: physics, psychology, anthropology, music therapy, evolutionary biology, and the wisdom of centuries of music makers. UNIQUE ANGLESIn this book, the author: Presents his story and how he uses songwriting to address his mental illness. Presents stories of other songwriters and students who have used songwriting for their own benefitPresents a compelling tour of the history and science behind music and it's power on the human mind and bodyTeaches basic music theoryOffers a practical guide to personal songwriting Presents exercises to work songwriting into a daily practice of wellnessREADER BENEFITSThe reader will gain an understanding of the mechanics of sound and it's pathway to our brainThe reader will learn why music has an impact on our minds and bodiesThe reader will explore and be challenged by the concept of wellnessThe reader will learn how to write good songsThe reader will learn how to express themselves in a healthy wayThe reader will discover the rich inner landscape revealed to them through a deep relationship with musicThe reader will discover more of themselves and how to deal with their emotionsThe reader will be challenged to incorporate songwriting into their live.
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ISBN: 9780985655020
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Publisher: Bogman Publishing
Publication Date: May 17th, 2018
Pages: 392
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